VGrade Project

A Simple High Quality Video Grading System

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VGrade is a command line-based open source solution for grading videos.

Color Grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a video image to get the best colors out of raw video footage. It is generally accompanied with image enhancements steps like denoising, deshaking, etc.

Raw Video Footage (log) Default Grading
Customized Grading Artistic Grading

VGrade flexibly uses tools like ffmpeg, imagemagick, gmic, graphicsmagick and others to grade raw videos from various cameras like Blackmagic (Raw DNGs, 12bit Prores), GoPro (Protune), etc.

Color Grading is done automatically first, to be fine-tuned by hand as wished. Arbitrary color effects can be used.

The finest image enhancements with any chain of tools (like e.g. sharpening, denoising, deshaking, etc.) can be configured flexibly in a configuration file that has to be defined for a clip. Clip configuration files are simple text files, that can be copied, stored and put under version control easily. The whole image processing is calculated in full 48bit color depth to keep a maximum of color details.

VGrade is designed for amateur video-makers, who want to achieve highest image quality, but can live with slow conversion speed, as VGrade can easily be run in the background using the idle time of your existing server(s).

For more information, see my presentations about VGrade.


2015-08-26 - added better installation and usage pages.

2015-05-23 - published this drafty web page.